behind the rose

ericson rose is deeply rooted in the foundation of confidence & kindness, both towards yourself & others—don’t be a prick! these strong roots were planted within me by my sweet, strong, late grandpa, arthur ericson. i remember my grandpa had the most enchantingly beautiful rose garden; he had taught my mom how to plant and grow roses and she has since taught me how to do the same after his passing. i now have my own rose garden, a magical reminder of grandpa art and all of the beauty he planted in my soul; to be kind always, to be honest and strong, & to boldly chase my dreams… and with that blooms my dream, ericson rose.

ericson rose is more than a store, it’s a lifestyle; it is a gateway for women to live fiercely confident, always kind, beautifully bold, and true to themselves. no trend, no box, never settling for the same—for the soul standing brilliantly tall like a rose, proud of who she is, the way she is!

 as for me, i'm just a dreamer on a rad journey. a put together mess.

i am a wife, a dog mom (of three, crazy I know!), a fitness enthusiast, a dog rescue advocate, & a lover of 90s country. i live for the sunshine, love to garden, enjoy a good glass of wine, and delight in a sprinkle donut every now and then. meeting new people makes my soul smile; i cannot wait to meet YOU & would be humbled to share my dream with YOU!

i graciously invite you to come take a walk in my garden, ericson rose; don’t be afraid to pave your path, take a risk, set your own trend, & live a little bit outside the box.


wear it how you want—i cannot wait to see!!


thank you for  being a part of my dream,


Hello You!

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